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95% of African hair salons do not have a retail component to their business. Products are currently purchased at local beauty supply stores or from walk-in salespeople leading to inconsistency in availability and quality of product. In addition, even when products are available, choice often isn’t an option – you take what you can get. And if you think that paints a bleak picture for today’s image-conscious woman, imagine how much worse it is for the urban gentleman. Tired of the status quo, we came together to solve the problem around lack of choice and convenience as well inconsistency in the availability of quality products for the discerning customer, both male and female.

We hustled, bootstrapped and built Afrofinity, a store that provides great products and service to our customers. Our mission is twofold: to empower stylists to retail products without having to invest in inventory; and to provide our customers with the best handpicked quality products at an affordable price. We like to conduct our business the old fashioned way – we handpick our products from leading brand names in the hair care & beard care industry, we respond to our customers and only sell products we personally believe in.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words…here’s three thousand
words to show you how you can stand out with Afrofinity!


Laura Chite handles marketing and customer engagement; Ronnie Maingi is our product procurement and stylist guru, Wavinya Musyoka handles all operations and logistics while Tonia Kariuki takes care of strategy.

We know that you need the best hair care products available to keep your locks luscious, radiant and healthy from the inside out. Our selection features an array of hair care products ranging from natural hair products that preserve your all-natural coils, braids and afros to hair growth products that actually help you rejuvenate relaxed, color treated or natural hair safely and effectively. Let us help you add life, longevity and radiance to your natural or processed hair.

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